• May 17, 2012

    A human writes:

    I agree with the idea of community demonstration. I also agree that the guest feedback is highly important. If anyone has objections to the way things are going, or objections to the misuse of donated funds, speak up now. Now is the time to let these people know just how much they have let you down by squandering the esteemed positions that they hold. This situation is an alarming microcosm of the outside world and the continuous dilemma of the few holding back the many, that permeates the rest of capitalist culture. Not that that is exclusive, but I thought we were trying to take the high road and set a better example of what could be.

2 Responses to The high road

  • Anonymous says:

    Great words … I’m on my way there to visit the Development office to talk about my future gifts and my endowment..I will get the story as best I can…I’ll let you know.. Bless you and your energy

  • Anonymous says:

    Guys – the 60′s are over. You are fighting a noble, but losing battle. Big business and big bucks are in control here. Look around you. Unless one of you can manifest a billion dollars or so, buy Esalen outright, fire all the hostiles involved with the “new” management, it’s over. Esalen will become an expensive new age resort. Just like everywhere else.