• May 16, 2012

    An anonymous poet writes a call to action:

    A Day with No Kale: A Prayer for the Esalen Community

    No Kale. No towels. No sheets. No guards at the gate. No silverware. No clean tubs. No toilet paper, no flowers on the beds, no pancakes, no keys, no calls answered, no guest orientation, no tours, no midnight tubs, no staff, no revenue!

    No cute occupy signs, no pleading letters from a place of disenfranchisement to Dad & Mom.


    A statement from a place of power, of the true depth of Divine Human Potential, saying “Yes!”

    A walk out. A sit in. A real hot seat! Call the press, call the guests. No Kale!

    Empowerment for the people, Great Spirit. To not be indentured servants on Murphy’s Farm, but free men and women.

    If a day is not enough, than two, or three or five or 35! Whatever it takes to tip the financial calculation which is the only argument to which The Corporation Mind will listen. How many cancellations, how much bad press, how much chaos to equal the salary and benefits of the 3?

    A prayer for a new relationship.

    A prayer for a community that comes to know its true power.

    To the human potential – guests, and community.

    Aho Mitakuya Oyasin