• May 16, 2012

    A human writes:

    I am crying tears of both gratitude and pain. Gratitude for having been a daily community member in the not distant past, and real pain for those that are there now. Yes, drastic measures that will make the mark where it is felt most to the few who are holding back the many.

    No kale or quinoa either — for as long as it takes.

    For peace.


    Another human writes:

    I support this idea. I would love to think that intelligent communication could hold the answer, but as I have learned over the years, communication takes two parties. At the next orientation session, why don’t we all as a community sit in Huxley to offer a broader orientation about what’s going on here.

    The Nine support departmental walk-outs and orientation teach-ins. When community action is united, corporate retaliation is impossible — until there is no community left.

1 Response to Direct action

  • Anonymous says:

    Esalen needs to be run in a responsible way if it is to continue. Honestly, some of these comments are just ‘out there’.