• May 31, 2012

    A human writes:

    After weeks of writing letters and making calls to Board Members I am beginning to feel that the only way to truly make an impression on the President and Board is for those of us who are not on staff to organize a demonstration or sit-in on the road at the entrance to Esalen. It would be a good way to let the “leadership” know that this issue is not going to blow over and there are many, many people who support the staff, and are willing to fight to preserve the feeling of community that has helped make Esalen great.

3 Responses to Making an impression

  • Anonymous says:

    As someone who is “on staff”, and feel limited in my actions, I support this idea. You’ll be on the side of a busy highway, so please be careful. Maybe staff members will bring you food and drink as we go up the hill.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sounds good. I might suggest that the demonstration could be more powerful if we did it somewhere up north on Highway 1 to catch the Esalen traffic early.

  • Anonymous says:

    Let’s do it!!! Tell us when… I’m from LA. So we, north and south, will need a little time to get there then we will figure out where to stay while we’re there. Maybe personal retreat space at the tute?