• May 2, 2012

    With great appreciation (and perhaps apologies) to Doings at the ‘tute, we reprint the following updates from that source, on Esalen’s ongoing trainwreck of corporate coup:

    Doings at the ‘tute is saddened to report that its most illustrious elder, Seymour Carter, has resigned from the ‘tute as a protest against the recent, abrupt firing of the three managers, Kathleen Kleinsmith, Eric Erickson and Daniel Crynz who collectively represented over 50 years of experience at the ‘tute. Seymour recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of his association with the ‘tute.

    David Lustig resigned from the Esalen Board of Trustees… in a strong vote of protest against the current ‘direction’ being taken by the ‘tute. David was one of the ‘tute’s major donors and a great friend of the Esalen community. He was the only member of the Board of Trustees who was ever a Work Scholar at the ‘tute, and his love for and dedication to the ‘tute unmatched. His wisdom and strong support will be sorely missed. Doings at the ‘tute celebrates David’s integrity and courage in speaking his truth to power in delivering his vote of no confidence. Blessing to you, David, and to all who still support the values upon which the ‘tute was founded.