• May 30, 2012

    A human writes:

    In my work I consult corporations in designing and developing their corporate and leadership culture. A lot of what I do I take from my experience at Esalen (as an extended student for almost two years). It comes as a real shock to me to see how the Esalen management is handling things. They seem to be out of touch with their base.

    The community is (or was?) what created the experience at Esalen. This is what most visitors care for and this is how Esalen is distinguishing itself from other spa and workshop locations. Where Esalen is heading now is to become just another spa that will have a hard time to distinguish itself from other ones. This new pond is way more competitive, and I have my doubts whether Esalen will be able to prevail without substantial financial investments. Welcome to the corporate world. I hope that the Esalen management finds the strength to let go of their fantasies that they fell in love with. In other words: get out of their minds and come to their senses.

    My heart and well-wishes to everyone.