• May 3, 2012

    Chris Price, perhaps the most highly esteemed teacher of Gestalt at its birthplace of Esalen, and widow of Esalen co-founder Dick Price, has informed the Board of Directors that she will no longer conduct workshops at Esalen.

    How much longer will Michael Murphy persist in giving outsider Sam Yau the power to standardize Esalen on profane corporate goals at the expense of all else, including the legacy of his late friend and co-founder? How much longer will the new Institute be able to call itself “Esalen” with any authority?

1 Response to Chris Price gone

  • Anonymous says:

    Typically the Garbage in Garbage out model functions.

    In this case we have garbage in (Powers currently destroying Esalen and diamonds out in the current exodus of kindred humans.

    Why…..is a simply question. What is the logic…..even from a business model to eliminate the “corporate culture” that is the essence of Esalen.

    Again business model speaking….Intellectual Property…..the loss of Erik, Chris, et al…..will translate into a huge loss in the department of intrinsic value.

    Corporate thinking or old school Esalen model……the bottom line is a place loved by many for unique and important reasons is being direftly threatened …….

    In an emergency of this proportion, a version of spiritual FEMA needs to be psychically created, empowered and set into motion.

    Preliminary cst benefit analysis is showing no long term gains for the future on current path…….

    Esalen needs action now….