• April 25, 2012

    An anonymous contributor writes:

    I want to express my disgust at the treatment meted out to two wise and wonderful elders and servants of the Esalen community. I have been visiting Esalen from Europe for a decade, and luckily for me, Kathleen and Eric were there to offer a containing presence from day one.

    Whoever the buffoons are who have treated Kathleen and Eric so shabbily, may karma catch up with you. You mustn’t have the first idea what these unassuming yet brilliant people did in Esalen’s engine room as well as at its heart.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Eloquently written and very unfortunate that this and the other several comments in these last few days won’t be sent directly to the Board and to the CEO and HR!
    I shiver to think of trying to support seminarians without the expertise of Kathleen and Eric, and without extra support in maintenance.

  • Anonymous says:

    Comments from the nine. Is this Jenny and russel? Just wondering.thanks.

  • Anonymous says:


    No, my name is Lynn, workscholar 2001 and 2002 and ES 2002 to 04. Now i London. Assisted on seminarian workshop as recently as August 2011.

    Kathleen was my boss and I got to know Erik via Office/Gate overlap and through open seats. Happy to process my dreams with him!

    Absolutely horrified by events. Thanks for the site.