• April 24, 2012

    An anonymous contributor writes:

    Once again, Sam Yau, Gordon Wheeler, the CEO, the Director of HR, and Jan Sinclair have underestimated the intelligence of the staff. The idea that anyone would believe that terminating Eric and Kathleen effective immediately is about a reorganization is beyond ludicrous.

    Where is the new organizational structure? The plan for the transition? The people capable of filling their roles?* The thanks and recognition for their contributions to the old structure?

    It’s too bad that Esalen didn’t have a credible HR person to guide Tricia through this. Crying and saying that “I could have done it better if I knew how” doesn’t suffice.

    *Side note: It takes more than grandiosity and a lust for power to fulfill the day to day task of running the organization, something that Jan and Jerry may be learning.