• April 19, 2012

    An anonymous contributor writes:

    I have eyes filled with rage and disgust and my focus is pointed at Tricia [McEntee] and Scott [Stillinger], who I believe are perhaps the most dangerously out of touch, short sighted, and simply incompetent leaders I have ever experienced. I imagine in the future they will either resign in disgrace, be forced out by a coup d’etat or — if they refuse — drive the organization directly over a cliff. I do not trust them; I know few who do. I do know a few who attempt to maintain a — let’s give them a chance to explain — attitude.

    Tricia, I believe you are surrounded by ass kissing yes (wo)men. Many people believe you are a puppet to a Rasputin-like, snaky, manipulative puppet master named Scott. Do you know that? Are you buffered by that reality by your yes people? I just would like to offer you a touch of reality in case you are, in fact, making such horrible and aggressive and ignorant moves because you’re too removed from the community to understand what you are doing. I can’t believe this is what you do with the blood of Jimbo still on your hands. Perhaps this is your incompetent way of making amends? As Trisha’s memo indicated this restructuring will make more maintenance positions available that are full-time and benefited. You’re a day late and a dollar short in the most horribly disgustingly absurd way possible.