• March 7, 2012

    A contributor writes:

    The individual leading Esalen is not, in fact, our sweet and entirely unqualified CEO. The individual’s name is Scott Stillinger. While he seems to be no more intelligent than Tricia, every Esalen community member I’ve spoken to about his character agrees that his vacantly amiable demeanor hides a soul mired in darkness. Calling him mechanical and incompetent would be a glib dismissal of a person whose power and influence at Esalen is vast. The extent of that influence, because it is unofficial, is unknowable. The means of his power, although unnamed and unacknowledged, is clearer. He controls Tricia through and within their undefined and suspect close personal relationship. He controls the community by expanding the role of his (obscenely bloated by any industry standards) department within the day-to-day operations of Esalen, and then tightening its grip. He controls the institute’s future. His agenda is entirely obscure. I personally do not find this state of affairs troubling. I find it terrifying.

2 Responses to Behind the curtain

  • Anonymous says:

    Is this website a joke?

    Life is filled with so much beauty. Why waste so much energy and time on feeding your resentment and anger? And trying to solicit even more negativity through this website?
    Channel your energies into something positive!
    Just saying.

  • The Editors says:

    Sometimes there is really negativity in the world, outside of ourselves, which needs to be engaged directly. The contributor is clearly attempting to address what he/she perceives as negative and even terrifying. You are entitled to your view that the contributor is simply “feeding resentment and anger” — however the subject of the contribution is that of unaccounted and excessive power, and a desire for transparency that is, by all consensus, sorely lacking at Esalen. If you cannot handle the topic of negative energy without dismissing it as a “joke” then might we recommend some sessions with Perry?