• December 18, 2011

    Staff Week is traditionally a time for the Esalen community to reflect. Esalen executives and administrators have largely dismissed the role of community process as an adjunct to decision making. But as these leaders sadly lose sight of what makes Esalen truly unique and sacred, the wisdom of the broad community is more crucial to the institute’s progress than perhaps ever before.

    It is sometimes noted that Michael Murphy’s philosophies gained a critical foothold on the printed page, while Dick Price’s mostly unwritten wisdom relied on attentive and active listening in the moment to be received. Esalen’s decision makers have exhibited deepening deficits in hearing the broader community’s voice for years. Thus, Staff Week 2011 must be a time not only for direct communication like Dick, but for writing like Michael.

    Please consider writing for Esaleaks during this Staff Week. Written words that transcend the speaker, and build a bridge to many readers, become durable monuments and guideposts, to be read and re-visited in many different moments, as we attempt to plot a sacred and successful path for our beloved Esalen. We call on you — erudite staff, rebellious trustees, worldwide adepts — to write! In gratitude,

    The Nine