• December 5, 2011

    Thank you for publishing the Esalen Community Representative Report of October 2010. It is apparent that the issues we have as a community are being ignored and that when the issues are swept under the rug or thrown a token of appeasement we quiet down for a bit. Unless a real change is made and honest communication takes place I fear the same things will be true in 2012.

    If the administration hasn’t paid attention in the past I invite them to pay attention now. The administrative class around the world is paying the price for their arrogant lack of attention to the people they are “leading.” Decades long dictators are being dethroned, tried and executed. Governors are being recalled by their constituents. Esalen is a microcosm. Please listen to us now and choose to be a hero for what is right, and not another example of disgraced elite, out of touch with the base of power that exists in the people.