• December 6, 2011

    In the recent CEO report to the Board of Trustees, this passage stands out:

    Sponsored by Trish [McEntee] and Scott [Stillinger], Jan [Sinclair] and the EEteam conducted two 2 hour all staff meetings to communicate results of Leadership Culture survey

    This is a misleading statement. Actual detailed numbers were never released because the results came out very poorly. The staff at Esalen has been told that the results are available only if one makes an appointment with Director of Guest Services Jan Sinclair. Unfortunately, the implicit motive behind that move appears to be one of intimidation.


    [Esaleaks invites the raw results of the Leadership Culture survey for anonymous publication on this web site.]

1 Response to Misleading CEO report

  • Anonymous says:

    I request an appointment with the Director of Guest Services at an open community meeting, perhaps during staff week. That seems like a good time when we can all hear the results without the risk of exposing our inner workings to seminarians. I trust Jan entirely in her intentions and would like to stress my full hearted belief in her integrity. I imagine the decision to do things this way was not in her hands, but I don’t know for sure. I just don’t trust the mechanism of dispersal for this information. Why can’t we see the results in a more open forum where community dialog can be facilitated?