• October 9, 2012

    A human writes:

    The discord is not pleasing to the spirits of the land. I spent some time here very recently, and felt fear coming out and through many of the staff and “leaders.” As stewards of any space where the veil is thinner, and where the Source of creation is at your fingertips, then the priorities should be as follows:

    1. Continue to maintain the free flow of honest and open dialogue. Do not allow fear to stifle your clear and heartfelt feelings.

    2. staff: Connect the significance of the work you are doing to the rest of the community in a holistic way. You cannot influence those driven by budgets and cents without identifying the tangible connections between your outcomes and the enrichment of the tribe.

    3. Mgmt: The egos must cease, because gratitude, not attitude, will mark your acceptance by this land. Those that walk those special paths and ways with heads high and eyes fixed should seek solace in the cities of the South.

    4. Esalen will thrive with a flatter organizational structure with more interdepartmental collaboration (i.e. shadowing, comprehensive team building workshops). The diversity of intentions could be the salvation of the space, but is currently divisive.

    5. Science and Magick are one and the same. Esalen must never forget that it is a place of healing, or magic, or connections and of immense power. Allot space for practitioners of Light Work and Healing and the strength and vitality of the rest of your endeavors will return seven-fold.

    6. Continue to develop the land and grow in bounty. Seek financial gain in the fruits of your labors, not in squeezing those called for all that you can. The gods help those that help themselves, and organizations that continue to seek new revenue streams and demonstrate staff and management contributions to fundraising efforts are more likely to be helped by outside donors.

    7. Treat one another kindly. Smile. Engage. Be good to anyone that crosses your path, not just the VIPs and beautiful ones. Every person I met in my time at Esalen was dynamic, deep and endearing.