• October 9, 2012

    A human writes:

    My husband visited Esalen on 2004. He wanted to show me how beautiful and special it was on a recent trip to Big Sur — especially the organic gardening and food, as I am a chef. When my husband and I arrived this July (2012) we were greeted by a very rude “guard” who was barely going to let us turn around in the circle drive to get out. (We are both in our 50′s and definitely not threatening.) How can one possibly get a feel for a place of peace and personal enrichment they may want to join and support when greeted by hostility and suspicion? How about a pleasant exchange and a possible arrangement for a visit? We have been reading about the “resort company mentality” that Esalen seems to be moving toward, we are very sorry that Esalen may be losing its original mission and purpose for the gentle people among us. Perhaps your group can save the Institute, and restore its original spirit — but what about reincarnation and rebirth for another 50 years? Blessed be.

    Three months before the event described above, Esalen fired the manager of its front gate, Eric Erickson, a veteran resident of the Institute and former student of Dick Price.