• April 19, 2012

    An anonymous contributor writes:

    To be clear: Kathleen and Eric were summoned by Trish and Jan, and terminated unexpectedly and immediately. This is a blatant move of power, no matter what the double speak. And the effect is fear. Kathleen and Eric consistently spoke out for the community, and for truth. This is a direct result. So much for the hierarchy of values. The Maslow rooms should be renamed the Zimbardo rooms, in honor of his famous Stanford Prison Experiment.

  • April 18, 2012

    Esalen CEO Tricia McEntee and Guest Services Director Jan Sinclair today carried out the “termination” of two long-time Esalen contributors and community members, at the behest of Esalen Chairman Sam Yau. The terminations are effective immediately.

    Esalen Office Manager Kathleen Kleinsmith, whose humanity and evenhandedness often checked Esalen’s increasing focus on hard-line management practices, is no longer with the Institute.

    Esalen Gate Manager Eric Erickson, who studied extensively with Esalen co-founder Dick Price and carried the traditions of Gestalt practice and teaching, is no longer with the Institute.

    Eric and Kathleen were both major voices in Esalen Community Meetings and other organizational processes, carrying a critical awareness of Esalen’s unique social and institutional qualities. Their removal from Esalen heralds an acceleration in Sam Yau’s plan to transform the Institute from a culturally unique institution focused on learning-in-community, into a resort-hotel focused on efficiency and consumer expectations.